TecLine was founded in 1999, but members of the company’s management team have worked as intermediaries for technical personnel in the fields of electrical engineering, installation engineering and mechanical engineering since 1976, in the Industry, Utility, Infrastructure, Telecom, Energy and Maritime sectors. The three partners have a combined total of more than 100 years’ experience!

Paul Muller is responsible for commercial affairs at TecLine. Jos Korver heads international recruitment and all logistical processes, whilst Pim Sengers is in charge of the complete back office and finances.  Together with a close team of colleagues in various European countries, they constantly work to further develop TecLine’s range of services. Their personal principle is to offer added value to all involved parties, ensuring that the client remains the primary focus at all times.



Secondment and temporary staff
TecLine recruits technical experts with proven, often specialist, skills, who are then seconded to clients or employed by clients on a temporary basis. TecLine selects the technicians, determines their competences and charts which phases of the technical process they can work in.

With years of experience, TecLine specialises in placing teams of technicians on specific projects, forming the right team with the right specialists for the job in hand. Our first-rate logistical roadmap enables us to guarantee that the right people are available at the right time. TecLine offers security of supply, even where large numbers of experts are needed.


International working area
TecLine provides a completely structured service to facilitate its customers’ cross-border team projects. We put together the teams, take care of the administrative process, supply the required expertise of international legislation and regulations, and deal with logistical challenges. This expertise makes international labour mobility one of TecLine’s specialities. And there are no added costs, as the team members always stay in the region of the project! This enables clients to make accurate forecasts and plans unrestricted by borders.

Strategic HR advice
TecLine is the technical personnel partner of both smaller and larger clients. We are on hand with more than 100 years of experience, assisting clients who require a sparring partner to address their short- and long-term technical staffing challenges.


Planning & matching
The dealing room forms the beating heart of the organisation. Candidate planning & matching takes place in Amsterdam, which is also the primary home of our recruitment activities. Candidate recruitment is a continuous, strictly in-house process. TecLine has permanent recruitment offices throughout Europe, allowing us to offer our clients access to an international pool of technicians.

Every day, our recruiters and experts in the dealing room make the necessary adjustments to keep our competency model up to date. Clients use the competency model to gain an impression of the qualities that our technical personnel bring to the table, but the model can also represent significant savings. By precisely aligning the correct competences of the team members with the project in question, we can avoid highly-trained technicians carrying out work that is out of sync with their level of qualification. More efficient alignment of staff qualities results in a more favourable hourly rate, and therefore improved cost efficiency.



Labour mobility
The lack of highly-trained and, in particular, experienced technical personnel is a global problem. Within the EU, TecLine has access to an international pool of technicians and engineers, enabling it to effectively address this issue. In its drive to assist clients with various cross-border projects, TecLine has developed its own software. Called Request, this logistics program facilitates labour mobility. By linking this system with the competency model, we move from labour mobility to knowledge mobility: positioning experts with the right experience at the right location, anywhere in Europe.

Logistics & Request
Request makes the administrative process for clients’ requests simple and easy. The program also offers clients a direct overview of all agreements made and of how the logistical process is progressing.. From the start of the project right through to the final element: delivery of a digital invoice showing the correct information, sent to the agreed email address.

Once a request has been submitted, experienced recruiters use the competency model to begin the matching process. The client is sent an email outlining the proposed candidates and containing all relevant details from the agreement. Once the client has approved a candidate, they are granted access to the the candidate’s details. The client may also ask for accommodation to be arranged. They only need to check the box next to the option: TecLine takes care of the rest.


The following documents are immediately available to the employees in digital form: insurance details, contracts, financial advances (if applicable), transport information, Safety Health and Environment (SHE) information, key information, PPE information, time registration sheets and any other necessary papers and instructions. In the case of labour mobility, accommodation is organised within 25km of the project site. The reservation process is simple, and the employee receives confirmation by SMS message. Commuting for temporary staff has never been easier!


Our team

Paul Muller

Manager Sales

Wynand Thakoer

Account Manager

Matthijs van der Linden

Account Manager

Stefanie van Leeuwen

Account Manager

Chandra Mahabali

Client Relations

René Dur

Client Relations

Jasmijn van Poppel

Manager Matching & Logistics

Eden van der Wal


Robin Steeman


Jeffrey Looman

Quality & Safety

Rianne Boes


Hans Georg Kandler

Sales Manager

Cornelia Osterwald

Matching & Logistics

Cindy Anderlik


Michael Wiesner


Patrick de Boer

Project Manager

Ilona van Schoor


Janita Gangaram Panday


Adeline Jumelet


Patrick van Steenderen

Manager Backoffice

Henriëtte Jansen


Daniëlle van de Craats


Rianne van de Craats


Amber Platel


Beate Unger

Manager Backoffice

Jacqueline Gronwald


Elke Büttner


Petra Schütte


Jonathan Zielhuis


Jolanda Asteleijner

Business Control

Roos Heere

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Taco Blauw

Growth Hacker


TecLine already has VCU and NEN 4400 certification, but we are setting our sights even higher. Safety and quality need to be in the organisation’s DNA and become an integral part of how TecLine and its staff think. This ensures that TecLine is able to avoid dangerous situations and (near) accidents. Workplace inspection teams regularly visit projects, which are subsequently evaluated together with the clients. The aim of these evaluations is to analyse whether and if so how the actual and desired work situations differ. Where required, immediate action can be taken to address any concerns.

The results are shared with clients in an annual report, which also includes (the implementation of) changes to legislation and regulations. The quality system is also subject to frequent auditing. Quality is a constant focus: it plays a major role in improving the TecLine’s services. TecLine policy divides Corporate Social Responsibility into three areas of interest: people, the environment and society. ‘People’ focuses on the entire range of target groups and their well-being. At the core of ‘the environment’ is sustainable production and energy consciousness. ‘Society’ involves taking responsibility for TecLine’s role for all concerned parties, in terms of profit and value.


The Downloads section contains all the important documents that a TecLine employee or client may require. TecLine always categorises the latest versions of the documents and makes them available in digital form. The necessary documents depend entirely on the client’s requirements and the applications.

If you’re a TecLine client and you need a statement of TecLine’s permission to act as an employment intermediary in Germany, go to: Downloads/ bemiddelingsvergunning. If you use temporary technical personnel and you need a G account with the Dutch Tax Administration for income tax, national insurance contributions and VAT payments, go to: Downloads/ G-rekening.

All documents are updated every month.