Personnel partner: working together

TecLine is your personnel partner when it comes to supplying technical experts for the fields of electrical engineering, installation engineering and mechanical engineering. Whether your company needs 5 experts, or 5,000. TecLine makes arrangements for all stages of the technical process. From initiation to design, from engineering to implementation and from completion to service and maintenance.

These are the foundations of the TecLine service. Over the past 20 years, TecLine has clearly focused on professionalism and expertise. We specialise in engineering and in all stages of the technical process, we are driven by our client’s specific requirements. We offer peace of mind with regard to personnel by guaranteeing the availability of the right people internationally. TecLine is able to do so through its centralised, digitised approach to planning and matching, maintaining a birds-eye view and enabling selection from a national and international pool of qualified candidates.

TecLine ensures a range of certification, and monitors whether all local legislation and regulations are being met, as regulations are sometimes changed while a project is in progress. The combination of a swift response to requests – facilitated by the in-house developed software – with straightforward digital administration offers clients simplicity, convenience and efficiency. But if you were to ask any TecLine employee about their motivation, one may tell you it’s the personal client contact, while another may say they enjoy the technically advanced (and therefore intriguing) projects.

Projects: all for one

TecLine not only puts together a project team of technicians, it also tracks the planning and the organisation of the project, ensuring the right number of experts in the right place at the right time. TecLine offers security of supply for your project, giving you additional peace of mind.

It also makes things easy for you. The required administration is straightforward and transport to the locations is arranged in advance, as is any necessary accommodation. The all-in price, determined using an open calculation, provides a fixed hourly rate. This offers clients insight into the total cost of ownership, indispensable for transparent project calculations.

The convenience of handing over responsibility for a project in which quality objectives are met and the available capacity is present at the correct location ensures a sense of calm on the shop floor. But also when it comes to administration: a single invoice is emailed to the agreed email address. Simplicity that you can count on.

International: technicians without borders

TecLine operates throughout the world. More and more often our clients come to us with cross-border projects with their own specifications. These assignments demand thorough knowledge of not only EU legislation and regulations, but even more important, knowledge of how the client wants the project to be executed. This is why TecLine is a specialist in international labour mobility.

To fulfil the needs of these special assignments, TecLine offers 24/7 availability as standard. Thanks to advanced software, communication is optimal and we can anticipate potential problems quickly. The speed with which flexible personnel are positioned where they need to be and for the correct period of time results in optimal client satisfaction. After all, project continuity must be guaranteed. Here too, the software simplifies the organisation of the staffing aspects of the project and ensures that realisation is easily transferred. And this saves a lot of work in practice!

Human Resource Management

TecLine is on hand to offer its clients strategic advice on staffing issues as and when required. We help to absorb peak demand and to resolve shortages due to illness or holidays. We analyse permanent and variable personnel and the desired quality in order to offer flexible capacity. This makes TecLine your personnel partner for both short- and long-term staffing requirements.

The competency model developed by TecLine’s own experts outlines the actual competences of individual experts. These are then matched to the required capacities. TecLine then uses this match as the foundation for recommendations regarding the most beneficial team composition: a team that completes the project or colleagues that enter permanent employment after a year. TecLine deals with both short- and longer-term strategic issues. And in both cases, the following applies: insight offers prospects regarding realising objectives, and that is where profit is ultimately found.