Varied range of technical positions

TecLine is active in the fields of electrical engineering, installation engineering and mechanical engineering. If you are trained in one of these areas and have relevant work experience, TecLine recruiters will be keen to meet you. TecLine offers a very extensive range of (international) vacancies and would be delighted to discuss your options with you.

Register now and we will arrange a meeting with one of our local TecLine recruiters, who will offer you detailed information on our clients’ varied projects. TecLine’s clients are active in a range of sectors. Depending on the available vacancies and your CV, you will be able to set to work in the Industry, Utility, Infrastructure, Telecom, Energy or Marine sectors. We offer you the opportunity to gain valuable cross-sector experience, or to head directly into your chosen sector. Whichever path you choose, a meeting with a TecLine recruiter is a must! Our specialist recruiters have the latest information on TecLine’s pan-European sphere of activity.

Unique, long-term projects

TecLine is involved with projects both large and small for prominent clients. Without exception, the projects are interesting and appealing from a technical point of view. Consider, for example, the complete technical installation in tunnels: TecLine technicians regularly work on such projects, focusing on lighting, speed restriction signalling and matrix displays, but also on mechanical installations such as sprinkler and ventilation systems.

Thanks to its firmly established relationship with its clients, TecLine is often active throughout the whole of Europe. Specific project experience is a specialism often requested by our clients, and TecLine employees frequently play a major role.

TecLine facilitates this by arranging everything for its clients. Once the teams have been selected and the client has approved all the candidates, TecLine assumes responsibility for the organisational aspects: all the required papers, where you can take any required courses, overnight accommodation, who you could travel with, the names of the contacts, etc. Any other specific details are also forwarded, with communication via email or SMS messages. It couldn’t be easier!

Attractive terms of employment

TecLine ensures that its employees are at the heart of the organisation. The quality of our experts and their well-being is a top priority for us, as this is where our added value is to be found. So TecLine focuses on excellent terms of employment and wages, as well as a generous travel allowance and good accommodation. Fringe benefits include the often extremely pleasant working environment with like-minded colleagues, job security thanks to long-term projects, 24 paid days of holiday and continued payment of wages in the event of illness. In fact, the names of TecLine’s clients are almost fringe benefits in themselves. They are names of brands that are synonymous with professionalism.

TecLine experts play a vital role in safeguarding this professionalism, and that is a fact that we are proud of. TecLine also offers long-term prospects. Meticulous updates to the competency model mean that TecLine experts have good promotion prospects and can gain extensive experience in various sectors. The varied working environment and personal supervision is reason for many technical professionals to stick with TecLine.

Transparent approach

TecLine primarily provides experts for projects in the Netherlands and Germany, but also for projects in other EU countries, such as Finland, Austria and Poland. You will always work in a team with at least two colleagues, so you will never be left on your own, and you can always count on the expertise of the other team members. And that makes for an enjoyable working experience! All the terms of employment and regulations are discussed with you in advance, so you know exactly where you stand. TecLine organises and pays for any required accommodation close to the location of your project. Transport, any necessary hand tools and appropriate work wear are your responsibility, but TecLine offers excellent transport and expenses allowances to help cover these costs.

TecLine also arranges any necessary safety training and courses. On-site internet is available, although a small fee is charged for personal use. TecLine is dedicated to making life easy for its experts, allowing them to focus fully on their work.